Deposit Policies

No deposit = No appointment!

In general deposits ar nonrefundable espescially for no call/no shows, unless approved by me under extreme circumstances.

The deposit will infact go towards the overall balance of the cost of install (which is to be paid fully on install day in Cash ONLY)

Your deposits can be transferable to an other appointment if you would like to reschedule .

General Policies

 1. I no longer take last minute appointments !

2. There is a 20 minute grace period for being late, if you aren't here within 20 minutes of your scheduled time you will be charged a $10 fee.

 3. If you are more than 25 minutes late  with no notice your appointment will be canceled (refrain from coming to my home as i will not service you). No call No shows will no longer be allowed to book with me!

4. I no longer accept electronic payments so please have CASH ready BEFORE your appointment! You may not leave to go to the bank, ATM, or anything of that sort!

5. Refrain from bringing extra people with you too your appointment especially without notifying me.

6. Thoroughly read the service information before booking i am not responsible for anyway  information you claim to not have known.